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Shahryar on Cactus
Interesting shot :)

Shahryar on Flor
nice closeup :)

Kat on Cactus
qui s'y frotte s'y pique, ....... lumineux ce noir et blanc !

BBM on Flor
Great composition and B+W !

Irene on Rumours of a city I
Beautiful framing ! I like the lines, the colours and the light !

Irene on Flor
Un coeur de fleur très détaillé avec de jolies tonalités...

Bill Jennings on Feria, Sevilla, 2009
I just love your images from Spain - thanks for sharing!

Bill Jennings on Museo
Very interesting vignette for the museo photo - I like it. Well done

yiannis krikis on Almería
I like how you use the empty space

Bill on Almería
Interesting. Wish I knew more from the blog comments, or something on the pier (or at least some clouds).

yiannis krikis on Inma y Mar
a very nice composition

Bill on Inma y Mar
perfect composition. I love the sweeping walk through the frame: with a strong foreground in red. love it!

Ajay on Inma
Oh... I never thought of this utility of mobile phones. :-)

Earnest on Inma
Somehow reminds me of a movie.. Unique photo.

Stunner on Inma
Cool shot!

Bill on Córdoba
Wow! I would not change a thing. I love the three toned photo. Great job!

Bill on Mezquita, Córdoba
I like this. Perfect for a monochrome presentation. Using the angle for perspective makes the patterns more ...

Earnest on Inma
Fetching and mysterious, Jacobo...

axel8591 on Inma
Excellent, i love it!

Eros on Inma
nice shot :)

Cuentos on Charco
Me fascina el reflejo de la escena en el charco y la forma de éste. Saludos, Mariana Gracias.

Alex Caballero on Baños del Carmen 2
Muy buena la fotografia, con sentimiento...el blanco/negro, genial...saludos.

Geoff Hoffman on No title n
i like the streaks of light. the image is slightly grainy (or maybe it is the material), but it may add more depth to ...

Art Monkey on Mezquita, Córdoba
lovely patterns!

Art Monkey on Córdoba
this is a very beautiful photo - like a minimalist piece of art

Morris J. Chisholm on Orange
Very cool I like it.

Makoto on Conil
Nice mood. Beautiful shot.

kairospix on Gibraltar
it's never easy to capture a shot like this without some stabilization... anyway it's a nice attempt... just ...

kairospix on Rumours of a City V
oh i love this b&w shot! the contrast of dark and light is good! also love the perspective!

Sarah on Rumours of a City V
Great framing, and the repetitive light/shadow has a great effect. nice shot!

##AMIT## on Rumours of a City V
Scary place...

Evie on No Title
No title required.

rverspirit on Cross Processing
Camera angle intensifies the angst in this..has a Kafkaesque quality... blurring helps the feeling too!

Makoto on Travelling
Nice mood. I love this image.

Art Monkey on Rumours of a City II
what a great angle - it almost looks like a minature model

Ronald K. Johnson on Torremuelle
Nice seascape and well composed with good exposure. Minor complaint needs slight straightning of the horizon. I like it ...

Suze on Almería
Neat. Did you do this with your camera or with Photoshop type software? Excellent job either way.

Suze on The sea, the sea
I love patterns! This one is even cooler because it's making me a little dizzy.

Stunner on The sea, the sea
Nice shot of the patterns! They are pretty dazling to the eyes!

Putter on The sea, the sea
Very hypnotising, think I´m a little dizzy. :)

Stunner on Budapest
Lovely shot Jacobo! Very neat capture of the sun too,

Suze on Budapest
Cool. Some might say that the forground is too dark, but I think it pulls you in to the photo trying to figure out what ...

Still on Budapest
Fine silhouette and beautiful goldy light!

Ben on Cercanías
Nice tone.

Suze on Cercanías
Nice shot. Not only does the angle add interest, but it looks good in B&W.

Stunner on No Title III
I'm trying to figure out what it is. I like the lovely warm colours!

Daroru on Cercanías
Nice candid shot of this guy.

Stunner on Alcazar
All I can say is Magnificent!

Suze on Alcazar
Wow! This photo has it all. I give it a 10.

Still on Alcazar
What a beauty!

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